18 May 2015

Pink Roses on Greenery

Just one day left to enter the Threeversary Giveaway!

Also, whoops! This post was totally supposed to be up hours ago (not that my 'meant to' schedule matters to anyone but me... ;p), but the day just went INSANE. After a fantastic weekend with Husband at Hong Kong Disneyland, I was all set to have a relaxing evening full of post prepping and movie watching, when an incoming text sent us into a flurry of activity that, in the space of maybe two minutes, swallowed pretty much the entirety of my next few weeks in one big gulp. Because what I definitely needed was a new challenge and a headache while I'm still getting back into the swing of posting again, right? Whatever. Anyway, don't be shocked, but I made some flowers!

nail art flowers

The base for these is Skinfood BL002, Melon Milk, which is one of the polishes in the giveaway! Although why it's BL and not GR I have no idea because blue it is not. It's a bright, electric honeydew green that's definitely unique among my stash. The formula was pretty much what you'd expect from such a bright, lemony shade, so yeah, there was a little streaking and pulling on the first coat, but it flowed easily and wasn't too thick or too thin. Day-wear adorable in two coats, camera-ready in three. Only I skipped the swatch pics and went straight for the nail art.

floral nail art

The flowers are acrylic paints, gone swirly-like in an effort to show some highlights and shadows, but before I did those I was hoping to suggest a kinda textured, greenery-like background, so I hit Melon Milk with some saran wrap additions of Orly Green Apple, Essie Pretty Edgy, and Essie Mojito Madness. And then I ran out of the apartment with only one hand top coated because I totally lost track of the time and was running late for my dinner date with Mabel--sorry again, Mabel! We had soft shell crab rolls and tonkatsu and Kirin beer, and it was all kinds of delicious.

So that's what my last few days have been like. Hope y'all are having a good weekend -- last chance to enter that giveaway before it's done!


  1. These feel so fresh and light! Love it.

  2. You should do flowers and bright colors more often on your nails, because it suites you. I love the outcome!
    I have to mention that I had my problems with the scheduled post too, but someone told me that after choosing the date and clicking done, I should click publish twice! From that time, I don't have any problems.

  3. While chartreuse isn't normally my color, I've really been digging it this spring. Love this mani!

  4. Fresh and beautiful floral nail art! :-)

  5. This design looks very beautiful! I love it!


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