13 May 2015

Orly Rock Solid

So that middle nail broke again because of course it did. My own fault, really, for allowing myself to decide that, yes, I did kinda like the new nail shape after all, and the length looked pretty good with it too. Because from the moment that thought was loose in my brain, the clock was ticking. Sure enough, before the sun had started to set I was snarling obscenities and cursing my traitorous brain for entertaining such a poisonous notion. I don't know what it is, but "happy with my nails" is a kiss of death. It's like when I travel, and the question isn't whether I'll break a nail but when the first one will go. And it's not like I'm using my nails to pry things open or anything; I break them doing super-coordinated stuff like turning around too quickly and jamming my hand into a wall, nails-first.

Anyway! I have a bunch of spring and summer brights to wear, but with my new shorties I wanted to wear something just a little bit darker. I was also thinking about a little sparkle, to cheer me up, so I dove into the Big Box o' Untrieds and came out with a polish whose turn was long overdue, Orly Rock Solid.

Orly Rock Solid swatch

Turned out Orly Rock Solid was a fun polish and just right for my mood. From the 2011 Mineral FX Collection, it's nicely named, with a shimmering, granite-like finish, and the little dots of holographic glitter give it a gorgeous flare without overpowering the grey.

The formula was good, just what I expected from an Orly foil/shimmer finish. A little thin on the first coat, which wasn't any cause for concern because I knew it'd build (I gave it a total of three, which is my usual). Rock Solid does dry to a slightly gritty texture which isn't bothersome, but a nice coat of SV smoothed things out and gave the bits of glitter and (I think) glass fleck a little extra shine.

Orly Rock Solid swatch

I definitely picked the right polish for my mood after that break, and honestly, now that my nails are all filed again and re-shaped, they're actually kinda...

No! No, I can't risk even thinking it, much less typing it out. Change of topic, change of topic, um... Hey, how about that giveaway!


  1. I own this and really like it too. Great swatches and review on it.

  2. Ugh the breaks are the worst. Mine are break central these days, but (fortunately?) it's the thumbs. Awkward but blogger friendly breaks. Anyways, great polish! Love a good dark with some sparkle.

  3. I use to have this and actually regret selling it. It's a really nice polish.

  4. I'm not a fan of grey for my own nails, but I like it on you!

  5. It's "funny" how that happens, right?! about a couple weeks ago I was contemplating my nails and feeling so happy and content with them. BAM. Next day I had a huge break and had to file all my nails down. Oddly enough I *never* realize when I break my nails, I just look down and half my nail is hanging. Last time I was making myself a tea at work when I noticed the break and for the life of me I can't figure out when it happened :(

    Anyway, Rock Solid is a pretty color on your new length/shape. I think the little holo sparkle adds something interesting to it :)


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