27 May 2015

Amethyst Geode (or something kinda similar maybe)

Thanks so much to everyone who visited and entered the Skinfood Giveaway, and congratulations to the winner, Samantha T! Sorry I've been a little out of commission the past week-and-change. Ever have one of those weeks YEARS? Details follow, for anyone interested--but first, some sponged nail art!

sponged nail art

You know how, in the movies, the well-meaning science guy will kind of chuckle at something and then laugh a little and then eight seconds later he's cackling like a maniac and throwing the switch? That was pretty much me with this manicure. I started off wearing Orly Rock Solid and decided to spend more time with it. There were vague notions of something semi-galaxy-like and some unrefined curiosity about neutrals vs. complimentary colours... I started sponging, the colours all started to blend and build, and the next thing I knew it was pitchforks and torches and villagers fleeing in terror.

That's not to say I don't like it, though, because I genuinely do! It reminds me of modern art. Specifically it reminds me of those paintings of splotches and slapdashical swirls and you're all, "Please, I could have done that," and the teacher-slash-smartypants says, maybe so, but the point is that you didn't and she did? Well now I also did a modern art, and it looks like far away planets and trippy, swirly clouds, and maybe even a chunk of amethyst geode.*

sponged nail art

I didn't remember to note every polish I used in sponging, but the main culprits are Wet n Wild Disturbia/Audace, Barielle Lilac Jelly Bean, OPI San Tan-tonio, and Sinful Colors Unicorn (yellow). Also white.

* No modern artists should feel slighted by the writing of this post. I really do like those splotches and swirls. I gaze at them like they're static clouds to interpret, and I wonder at each moment of inspiration that chose to add this splash of bright red here or make that cluster of swirling lines look so much like a bird in flight. Then I see that other thing that looks like a naked dude and a snicker a little bit, and then I stop and wonder what actual grown-ups are doing tonight.

And now for those promised/threatened details! Okay. For the last ten days, I have been sick as hell, but that's really just the tip of the ridiculousness iceberg. Setting aside the craziness and the drama that spent this last year trying to pass itself off as my actual life... As I mentioned in the last post, Husband and I finally found ourselves in the same country at the same time for long enough to go enjoy an amazing weekend at Hong Kong Disneyland. I could feel myself starting to come down with something as we headed home on Sunday, but the minute we walk in and sat down, we find out we have about a month to find and move into a new apartment. Fly into action, contact agents, start seeing flats all over the island and beyond, so much walking... actually find an incredible place! YES! Slight panic over the rush to get moved, but it's exciting, right? Oh wait, that part where I am sick as a dog. Lose days and days to that phlegmatic abyss...but I'm finally feeling MUCH better and back on task! Which is good, because let's give a warm welcome to the fabulous news that Husband has to go out of town again...and he can't get back until after moving day.

So that's where I've been this past week or so. If my posts lag a little over the next few weeks, you can find me sitting in the middle of my living room floor, riding out a full-blown panic attack in a fort made of sofa cushions.


  1. Interesting design! I quite like it.

  2. I DO see "amethyst geode" in there! As I mentioned in a previous comment, I'm just sooo excited that you're back! Elizabeth = my favorite nail blogger EVER! ;-)

  3. Love the colors and the effect youve created with them is fantastic!

  4. I'm not foolish enough to say I wish I could help you move, but I would be a really good food-getter during the moving experience and sofa cushion fetcher for your fort after the move was done. I hope the move goes well!

  5. I like the combination of colours and I love the final effect :-)


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