26 October 2014

Zoya Anaka

Still pulling from my summer swatching stash (with only a couple more left...), this is Zoya Anaka, from the fall 2009 collection.

Zoya Anaka swatch

Zoya Anaka is a hot fuchsia with mini flecks of (camera-shy) gold and an iridescent blue sheen. I didn't note when I swatched it how many coats I applied, but I'm confident this was three. What I did note was that the first coat was so thin and runny, really patchy, that I might not have continued if it wasn't already showing hints of fabulousness.

Zoya Anaka swatch

Anaka isn't a creme, and it's not a jelly either, so much as it's just thin. But with that alluring, blue sheen and the little glints of gold to capture the light, it builds into a truly beautiful shimmer.

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