14 October 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: I've Been Meaning To...

Another fun theme for this week's Twinsie Tuesday posts! The assignment was finally to do something off that ever-growing list of manicures and techniques we keep meaning to try but hadn't gotten to yet, and for me, that's a saran wrap mani. A specific saran wrap manicure, that is--I've done plenty of them before and always, always love 'em, but I kept meaning to try a different method.

saran wrap manicure

I usually use an additive technique for my saran wrap manicures, dabbing bits of polish onto my nails with the wadded up film. This time, though, I used the reductive method. After laying down a base of Sally Hansen Grease Lightening (omigosh, it's such a great aubergine/eggplant shade, but I seriously can't with that name >_<), I worked a finger at a time, adding a coat of butter LONDON The Full Monty, pressing the mashed up cling wrap against the wet nail, and then removing it to pull away the bits of polish that were grabbed by the plastic.

I've loved the other method so much that I wasn't sure I'd take to this one as well, but I'm super happy with the results! I still plan to use the other when I want to work with three or more colours, but this is officially my new two-colour technique.

saran wrap manicure

I can hardly believe it, but when this post goes up, I'll be on my way home! I don't have the words for how much I've enjoyed this summer, and it breaks my heart to go, but I'm so ready to be home again too. So sad, so excited, so not looking forward to that flight, so eager to sleep in my own bed again... You name it; I'm feeling it. Thank you so much to my family, for a really amazing summer, and huge thanks to everyone who kept up with me while I've been on the road. I really am looking forward to catching up with everybody again!

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  1. These are gorgeous together! I need Grease Lightening, just for the name, I was obssssed with that movie my entire childhood pretty much!

  2. Safe flight to you! I love your combination, it has just the right amount of glitz :)

  3. This looks fantastic! This is how I do my saran manis too. I actually like the look better than when I add color.

  4. Safe travels doll! I don't use this technique for saran manis, so I'll have to try it out too.

  5. Great look! When I have done Saran Wrap manis in the past I have used the technique that you used today.

  6. I love these! And I love that someone finally gave technical terms to the different techniques!!!!


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