24 October 2014

OPI DS Classic

Another swatch from before my long (and wonderful!) summer voyage, I wore this with the intention of using it for the Twinsie Tuesday "Classic" theme. Actually, first I was thinking how hard it is to get any more classic than a bright, rich red, and that's exactly what I was going to do. And then I thought, "Hey, you know what else is classic? OPI DS Classic." It says so right there in the name. So I took this holo beauty out for the day, snapped some pictures...and then I didn't get home when I was supposed to. Still, better extremely late than never!

OPI DS Classic swatch

OPI DS Classic is...well, it's also classic DS, one of those beauties that made you feel like the Designer Series releases really were worth a little more than the average polish. A gorgeous, scattered holo, it's a beige-y neutral with a hint of caramel. Not intensely pigmented, but it's buttery smooth for a very easy three coats.

OPI DS Classic swatch

I know OPI has been trying some new things for their more recent DS collections, and I think that's pretty cool. I sure would love it if they revisited these holos, though--they really were onto something amazing here.


  1. I also wish OPI would return to their roots of the DS line - I really have had good luck with the old ones as far as application and wear. These early ones were so coveted before all the indi polishes discovered how to make holos and how to market them. It was all about getting your hands on a Nfu-O and DS polishes and we used to be looking at if it was a linear or scattered holo.

  2. Such a pretty scattered holo polish this is. I like how neutral it looks too.

  3. Beautiful and yummy caramel shade :-)


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