02 September 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Summer to Fall

Another Twinsie Tuesday, and this week's theme is a transitional polish pick, a shade that carries over from summer to autumn, and my choice...well, my choice from the bag on the counter that's doing its valiant best to stand in for my stash while I'm on the road...is a brand-new beauty to me, Finger Paints Hammered Terra Cotta.

Finger Paints Hammered Terra Cotta swatch

When I picked up Hammered Terra Cotta, I had no idea it was a texture, but I really like it! It's full of rosy pink, sparkling gold, and yes, terra cotta orange. I'm wearing two coats here, but it was actually great in just one. Easy, smooth formula. Nice drying time. Awesome glimmer in the sun.

Finger Paints Hammered Terra Cotta swatch

I can totally see Finger Paints Hammered Terra Cotta as a summer polish, maybe with a pair of white shorts and a lemon yellow top (and I'd put good money on it looking fabulous with tanned and darker skin tones). I can also see this as a fantastic choice for fall, looking rich and warmly golden with some jeans and a cozy, neutral sweater and some high, brown riding boots, and suddenly I'm in the mood to go shopping. While I do that, please check out some of my fellow Twinsies' blogs for more transitional picks!

Also in important news today...

Happy Birthday, Grandfather!

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