09 September 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Ovarian Cancer Awareness

September is Ovarian Cancer and Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness month, and the Twinsies are sporting teal nails today in honour of these causes. My automatic impulse was to do some teal flowers for the occasion, but I managed to steer myself in a slightly different direction...

teal vines nail art

Already wearing Sinful Colors Rendezvous from the day before, I got out my acrylic paints and painted some tiny, leafy vines in white and darker teal. Or possibly seaweed.  Couldn't swear they aren't beanstalks. Whatever they actually are, they looked really, really cute at arm's length.

teal vines nail art

Unfortunately I managed to ding the ring finger beyond repair, so it got an impromptu Saran Wrap makeover. Over a base of Sinful Colors Wisp (which had a MUCH better formula than Rendezvous!) I did a quick coat of Jesse's Girl Sea Glass, then mashed it with some wadded up Saran Wrap to remove most of the teal before it could dry. It's such a simple technique, and the results are always so cool. Not sure how good at match it is for the sea-vines, but every now and then, needs must.

Along with regular check-ups and early detection, information is one of our very strongest allies against ovarian cancer and PCOS. To learn more about symptoms and treatment, please visit ovarian.org or pcosaa.org, and for more teal nails, stop in and visit some of the other Tuesday Twinsies!

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  1. This combination is so gorgeous, I love the blue and white together!

  2. I think this is really cute! Even your last minute fix on the ring finger!

  3. I like that you went outside and did something a bit different!

  4. Call it what you like, but I love this design!

  5. Great cause and a fantastic mani for it. I love how your ring finger looks, very cool effect.!

  6. Hello, I think your nails look just amazing and I Love your blog as well! I look forward to read your next post :) 

    Xx julia


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