16 September 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Accent Nail

My TT post last week had a last-minute accent nail addition, but this week it's the whole group's theme. No surprise, I went flowers!

accent nail art

My main polish for these nails was China Glaze Seeing Red, from the recent The Giver collection. I didn't actually think it was that different-looking in the bottle, but on the nail it dried to a very warm, autumnal red with lots of orangey-brown, and I love it!

My ring fingers and left thumb got OPI You're So Vain-illa, and over some brown acrylic paint branches, I dotted Seeing Red flowers with little Sinful Colors Wisp (white) centers.

accent nail art

I really enjoyed these, and they've got to be the teeniest little dots I've ever managed (at least on purpose... ;p). I will admit, though, that it's getting hard, keeping up posting while I'm still out of town. Chipped nails, iPhone pics, grabbing daylight, wah wah wah, and I don't mean to complain and moan--I just know I'm not posting my best pictures right now, and it's kinda frustrating.

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