06 September 2014

Sinful Colors Rendezvous

Soft, Tiffany-esque teals always, always stop me dead in my tracks, so when I spied a ginormous display of Sinful Colors Sinful Shine shades, I zeroed right in on Rendezvous. And then I bought some others too. But Rendezvous was easily my top pick of the bunch!

sinful colors rendezvous swatch

This is three coats of Sinful Colors Rendezvous (with top coat). The Sinful Shine line was apparently a Walgreens-exclusive collection last year, but I picked these up a couple of weeks ago at Wal-Mart. How much do I love this colour?!  So, so pretty. Crazy-high marks for pretty. Formula, however...not so much.

Sinful Shine comes "with Gel Tech," but I don't know what that actually means. It seems like every brand needs to have a gel line these days, and I'm never sure which ones are trying to be a real 14-day gel manicure-like application and which ones are just throwing the term "gel" in there name because it's the current thing. But whatever Gel Tech means I'm not sure it's doing Rendezvous any favours.

sinful colors rendezvous swatch

The first coat was patchy and streaky, and I needed a good three coats to get an even application. The polish was thin and runny; strangely, it was also stringy and thick. So, worst of both worlds. All three worlds, in fact, because the dry time was terrible too. I have worn this polish twice now and gave it well over an hour to dry both times, and both times I woke up with sheet marks.

The display boasts that these shades are shinier than a patent leather shoe, and while I don't have any patent leather handy for a comparison, I can easily give it a "Wow, that is some shine!" Tons and tons of shine. The shine is AWESOME. Unfortunately I needed top coat to smooth those sheet marks, so it didn't get to be shiny on its own.

Hopefully the other Sinful Shines I picked up will have a better formula. Rendezvous is so beautiful and really does shine like crazy, but for all that I love this exact, amazing colour, I don't see myself wearing it very often.


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