20 September 2014

Khaki and Splatter Paint

My friend Liz recently put down some new floor that's beige with black-and-white speckles, so I told her I'd do my nails to match it. And then I did my nails to match it! True story!

NOPI My Jay or the Highway!

My base is the gorgeously greige NOPI My Jay or the Highway! (exclamation point included in the name at no extra charge). It is another one of those putty/taupe neutrals I absolutely love, even more grey than my usual faves, and while the Modern Family Collection isn't the most recent, it's a fantastic shade for fall.

Claire's Splatter Paint swatch

The matte, black and white glitter on top is Claire's Splatter Paint. It has multiple sizes of the black and white, along with some small, black bars. I'm not usually that high on bar glitter, but from just a little bit away these really blend in to add to the "splatter" effect. Coverage was good too; this is just one coat, plus a little extra dabbing, no trouble at all. If you've been wanting one of the indie black and whites, definitely check out Claire's Splatter paint. It looks like Liz's new floor!


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