18 September 2014

China Glaze Boundary of Memory

China Glaze Boundary of Memory took me on a little emotional journey. I saw it in the bottle and had to have it. Then I did the first coat and was kind of bleh. And then I finished it all up and was right back in love.

China Glaze Boundary of Memory swatch

Boundary of Memory, from the China Glaze The Giver Collection, is a full-coverage glitter. It consists of teeny, brassy gold, pale pewter, and gunmetal black micro-glitters in a jelly-like base, and I don't know how it does it, but it's at once dazzling and understated. I mean, understated for a glitter, of course. The gold really catches the light, even in plain, room lighting (and so much better than I was able to catch here, but I was glad to have a nice, sunny day for pics).

China Glaze Boundary of Memory swatch

The formula was just a little fussy, thick enough that it needed a little extra patience, but it was well worth that bit of fuss. It was opaque enough at two coats, but I had a feeling three would look even better, which is what I'm wearing here. And bonus for a micro-glitter, the jelly base dried smooth enough that one coat of top coat was all it needed.

Wishing the rich, gold highlights really came across here--Saints and Steelers fans, y'all need this one!


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