04 September 2014

butter LONDON Lady Muck

Surprise awesomeness, when I drove up to Ulta, they were having, basically, a buy-one-get-TWO sale on some of their older butter LONDON polishes, which landed several great, new shades in my collection, including lovely Lady Muck.

butter london lady muck swatch

This is three coats of butter LONDON Lady Muck. The first coat was thin, sort of patchy and streaky. I'll admit the formula wasn't all that great--it was somehow thin but thick at the same time, and it got a lot of help from some rushed top coat to level out. I haven't seen that in other reviews, though, so maybe it's just my bottle/batch? Whatever the reason, the results were so nice that I ain't even mad.

butter london lady muck swatch

butter LONDON Lady Muck reminds me very much of one of my all-time favourites, China Glaze Sea Spray, all greyed-out cornflower blue with that super-fine shimmer that gives it a...I'm not even sure how to describe it...a sort of pearl-ish, candy coating of prettiness. I may do a comparison post when I get home to my beloved Sea Spray, but at a glance I'd say that Lady Muck is a little darker and more blue.

Ooh, note to self: If they were running a sale on bL to make room for new ones, they may have...some new ones! Time to head back to Ulta!


  1. Loving your photos of this beautiful polish, you really captured the blue soul of Lady Muck!

  2. Lovely blue grey! Its very pretty.

  3. And I *just* took this off my WL...

  4. This one is really lovely, perfect for me :-)


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