14 August 2014

Zoya Maria Luisa on Pistachio

I bought Zoya Maria Luisa when it first came out as part of the fall 2013 collection, thinking I was going to take it home and wear it immediately, but I kept waffling about what polish I thought it'd look best with. I didn't ever put it in the Big Box o' Untrieds (where legend says one can also find the Loch Ness Monster and the remains of Jimmy Hoffa), but for some reason I just couldn't pull the trigger on Maria Luisa's first outing until...

Zoya Maria Luisa swatch

This is just one coat of Zoya Maria Luisa over Skinfood Pistachio, and wow, was this a pairing worth waiting for. I was already super-smitten with Pistachio, and these gorgeous, golden flakes are so pretty on top! And then I added the matte top coat, and everything went all dreamy, and I think I started to purr.

Zoya Maria Luisa swatch

Maria Luisa is a little brassier in the bottle than the golds I usually choose, but it's so delicate and easy to apply and a wonderful compliment to so many shades--and it's positively made for matte top coat! Really glad I finally picked a partner for it. It's going to look amazing with this fall's colours too!


  1. Great pairing together here. This manicure totally screams fall to me too.

  2. This looks AMAZING!


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