31 August 2014

Wayback Nails: Hawaiian Shirt

So before I left town all those weeks ago I said, "Eh, don't worry about that August Wayback post. You'll have tons of time to get it done after you get back!" Aaaaand now it's August 31st. Thankfully I remembered just in time, and thankfully I gathered enough new supplies for the nails I wanted to revisit, last year's Hawaiian shirt nail art!

flower nail art

Happily, I think last August's version still holds up (I love that teal!), but I'm really happy with how today's version came out too. I went purple to match my outfit, mixing a range of light, medium, and dark shades, and those shadows and highlights really made the leaves and flowers pop!

purple nail art flowers

The base for these is Pure Ice Shore Bet, which I'm planning to share swatches of in a few days (spoiler alert: I love it), and I'm so drawn to these putty-neutral shades. They look great on their own, and they're awesome under nail art too!

Last year's Hawaiian shirt nails had a little more background and embellishment, which I meant to add to these as well, but I was so smitten with how these were turning out that I just had to leave it alone. They may look a little less "Hawaiian shirt" because of that, but I think I made the right call.

(Self-restraint feels weird.)


  1. *happy sigh* I love how impressionistic and dimensional your flower art manicures are! This one's way cool, the purple with that base is delicious. I think I once dated a guy from Santa Cruz who had a shirt that was very like this manicure. My very favorite of the flower manis you've shown us was your apple blossoms -- superb!

  2. Just love your floral nail art! This one is gorgeous.

  3. These are brilliant, the artsyness is so well done and the colours are lovely!! :)

  4. Beautiful manicure! I liked also the "old" one :-)


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