05 August 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Favourite Holo

Trying to pick a favourite holo for this week's TT theme was like...watch and be amazed as I totally date myself here...trying to pick the cutest guy in Duran Duran. I mean, I was always a Nick girl, but Simon, Roger, Andy, John...there was no bad to be found in that lineup of awesome. Likewise, it was all but impossible to pick my one favourite holo, so I decided I would go back to my first.

OPI DS Extravagance swatch

OPI DS Extravagance was the very first holo I swatched, back when DMN was in its infancy. In fact, it was only my 5th post, which definitely shows, so I'm glad for a good reason to re-swatch this beauty.

OPI DS Extravagance swatch

I am every bit as in love with Extravagance as I was way back when; time and all the fantastic holo polishes since have in no way dimmed my appreciation for this scattered holographic beauty that absolutely deserves to wear the special, silver cap. DS Extravagance looks like luscious, juicy berries (I mean, if berries threw off sparkling, rainbow shimmer that dazzled in the sun). It features glorious coverage in just two coats (says the compulsive 3-coater), and it still applies like freaking butter.

OPI DS Extravagance swatch

If you come across OPI DS Extravagance, I highly recommend you treat yo self. It is absolutely, dadgum BRILLIANT.

Looking forward to seeing my fellow Twinsies' favourite holo polishes!

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  1. Wow, this one is stunning! I just picked it up but haven't worn it yet....I really need to get on that ;)

  2. This polish is soo amazing! I'm going to admit that John was the guy in Duran Duran my heart skipped a beat for :)

  3. Awesome choice! It is a stunning one.

  4. I don't think I've come across this one before. It's gorgeous!

  5. that color is too much! Definitely lost in the beauty of this shade lol! Really pretty!

  6. yep. definitely need! gorgeous swatch!

  7. Aw you and Amanda are total twinsies! This one is really gorgeous!

  8. Elizabeth, you are too right this one is exquisite :)

  9. While I do agree that DS Extravagance IS one of the most gorgeous holos ever, I have to say... Simon! SIMON!!! :D

  10. Gorgeous!! It looks good on you!

  11. gorgeous. Both your and Amanda's swatches make me so upset I dont own this beauty!

  12. I see this colour around quite a bit and for some reason I always ALMOST buy it. I clearly need to take that plunge!


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