24 August 2014

OPI DS Reserve

I came across OPI DS Reserve on a trip to Ulta (actually a road trip to Ulta, about an hour and a half up the highway, but at least they have one that close by here...I'm looking pointedly at you, Hong Kong...). It's a shade I don't really wear that much, but it's a pretty, shimmery, scattered holo, and I am weak. Needed it.

OPI DS Reserve swatch

OPI DS Reserve is a medium, berry-rose pink. In low light, it has an awesome silver shimmer. In brighter light, the scattered holo particles are just Ka-POW. Now, despite the bright sunlight I didn't manage to capture the beautiful rainbow that scattered shimmer was throwing off here, but even with just a hint of it, it's still all kinds of pretty. IRL, seriously, the holo sparks are fantastic.

OPI DS Reserve swatch

Reserve applied just like every OPI DS polish I've tried so far. Buttery-smooth, beautiful spread, all that stuff. And even as a pathological three-coater, I was perfectly content to stop here at two. Really a fantastic formula.

OPI DS Reserve swatch

OPI is so, so good at these scattered holo polishes! I know holos are more expensive to make, which may be why they've strayed into different looks for the more recent DS releases, but I would gladly pay that extra dollar or two for more of these holographic beauties.


  1. Two coats??? NOW that is a true compliment to the formula! Looks amazing on you.

  2. I like the subtle and elegant holo effect of this one!


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