23 August 2014

China Glaze Five Rules

Please say hello to Five Rules from China Glaze's tie-in collection for The Giver, which... I think is a book that's a movie now? Yes, I am staggeringly out of touch. But even if I don't know the meaning of the name, I'm fully versed in the awesomeness of this softly, subtly gorgeous shade.

China Glaze Five Rules swatch

China Glaze Five Rules is the kind of creamy, nuanced neutral that could easily find itself at home as a new core polish. This putty shade seems to be both warm and cool, beige and grey, and while it's perfect for autumn I'd say it's a great year-round shade as well. Just really, really flattering.

China Glaze Five Rules swatch

I was very pleased with Five Rules's formula. No streaking, just two buttery coats that spread easily and leveled like a dream. I am definitely going to help myself to a backup (or three!) of China Glaze Five Rules.


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