27 July 2014

Wayback Nails: Splatter Manicure

This is exactly why I'm glad I started this monthly Wayback feature. Last July all about how I was totally going to start doing more splatter manicures because ZOMG-LOVE!! Aaand now suddenly it's a whole year later and I'm looking at last July's manicures and smacking my forehead all, "Hey, I was gonna do a jillion of those!"

Sadly, I'm never gonna catch up with that goal, but as of today I have doubled my previous total.

splatter nail art

For this second splatter manicure I wanted to try a different background, so I chose NYC Sidewalkers (because grey is sooooo much more daring than white, you know). I picked out my other colours and was about to start, but then all of a sudden my mood swung in a totally different direction, and instead of neon pink I veered towards teals instead. Specifically, toward Sation RV There Yet? and Color Club Blue-Ming, with a splash of Sinful Colors Snow Me White, some barely visible OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window, and Revlon Colorstay Fall Mood (I have GOT to remember to wear it this actual fall!) for those shimmering, copper highlights.

splatter manicure

So this is me, falling in love with splatter manis all over again, and I can't wait to try them over some other colours as well! Hopefully it won't take me until next year's Wayback to do it this time.


  1. That's such a cool splatter mani - love it!

  2. I've never done a splatter manicure, I should definitely try it! I love the combination of colours! :-)

  3. Very nice!! You picked a lot of great polishes that worked well together and it's refreshing to see a splatter without neons (although they are cool, there's been a lot of them around lately). I haven't tried a splatter yet - but it's definitely on the to-paint list!! :) Your one from last year was gorgeous too! (I chuckled at how grey is so much daring than white - LOL!) Both have a lot of dimension and I like them a lot.


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