08 July 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Stripes

Today's Twinsie Tuesday theme is stripes, and I am physically incapable of drawing a straight line. So I didn't! With a childhood flashback, I went wavy instead with some Fruit Stripe Gum nail art...

Fruit Stripe Gum nail art

Oh, Fruit Stripe, most delicious of gums, whose juicy flavour elevates even the most downtrodden of souls unto rapturous delight...for about eight seconds or so. Then it's just a piece of gum and a tantalizing memory of the heavenly taste that was.

I spent way more time than I'd care to admit, trying to pick the right polishes for these Fruit Stripe flavours. The stripes themselves are acrylic paint. The polishes are Jessica Banana Peel (warm yellow), Nfu Oh 150 (pink), and Nubar Lemon Sherbet. The green is a mash of, like, 6 different polishes all sponged together until I thought it was close enough. Seriously, how do I not have a pistachio-lime like this in my stash?

Fruit Stripe Gum nail art

I was just about to top coat when I decided to push my luck. This is usually the point where that little voice reminds me to Leave It Alone, but I noticed that the actual gum's finish looks a little rough--not just matte, but the design is sort of grainy, like it's covered with, I don't know, candy dust or something. So I hit each nail with a little more of its base, sponged very lightly and randomly, hoping to give it a similar look. Then everything got a quick hit of INM Out the Door to seal it up, followed by butter LONDON Matte.

Fruit Stripe Gum nail art

So hey, if everything goes according to plan, I should be waking up in New Orleans when this post goes up! I'm heading to the US for another month with my grandparents (with two weeks of my parents this time too, yay!), so knock wood and cross fingers for me getting the next few WEEKS of posts all scheduled correctly before I go! Someday I might actually remember to invite some of the wonderful bloggers I've met online to guest post during one of these extended trips before I get down to the wire, but for now the "HOLY $@#! IT'S TIME TO PACK, AND I STILL HAVE ABOUT A JILLION MANICURES TO DO!" tradition continues...

Hopefully my fellow Twinsies are getting to spend a much more relaxed time enjoying their stripes!

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  1. great! i love your way of "candy dust" ;-P

  2. OMG!! I used to love that gum. I saw some in Family Dollar yesterday too! Cute mani.

  3. What a pretty design ! I really like it ;)

  4. These are so cute! I like that the lines are wavy too!

  5. Those nails bring back some memories! The several seconds of magic the gum gave were totally worth it. :D

  6. AHHHHHh, I LOVE this mani! I loved fruit stripe gum as a kid and this looks exactly like it :)

  7. These came out great!

  8. These are perfect and I totally recognized them immediately! Well done!

  9. Your re-creation is AWESOME! Great job!

  10. You had a yummy inspiration and made a perfect match for them. The colors are perfect exactly like the final effect!

  11. Love this! the green nail is my absolute favourite! Amazing, amazing manicure.

  12. i like these - i thought at first the stripes were texture polish, but the acrylic looks good too xx

  13. I loved Fruit Stripe Gum! What a neat nail art idea! It turned out really accurately, too!


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