18 July 2014

SpaRitual Delight

When it comes to minty, teal polishes, too many is nowhere near enough. Even if it looks like one I already have...just how similar is it? What, you mean it's not different at all? Awesome, I found a dupe! So yeah, I can talk myself into just about any of these shades that happens to cross my path. SpaRitual Delight, though, took little to no justification at all; my eyeballs just locked onto it and informed the brain directly, "You need this. Like, now."

SpaRitual Delight swatch

The first coat of SpaRitual Delight pulled and streaked and had me pretty worried. But the second went on creamysmooth, and steadier/thicker polishers than I am will be good to go right there. I hit mine with a third and fell hard in love. Head over heels. I mean, I'm always on about this or that soft, mint teal, but SpaRitual Delight is full-on, flipping gorgeous. Italic, boldface, underscore, capslock gorgeous.

SpaRitual Delight swatch

Rave, rave, love, what else can I say? SpaRitual Delight is made of luminous, antique jade and presents from Tiffany and peppermint toothpaste and the soft sighs of a beautiful baby unicorn.


  1. "Italic, boldface, underscore, capslock gorgeous." *lol*

    Great post!

  2. That's a really nice color! Never tried SpaRitual too.

  3. Really nice colour and I think it will be an excellent base for nail art :-)

  4. I don't own any SPARitual polishes, but I saw here a lot that are gorgeous and this green one is fantastic too!


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