24 July 2014

Orange Blossoms Nail Art

I mean, they're not so much "orange blossoms" as they are "blossoms that are orange," but I had a soft, light teal polish on. Compulsion demanded that I do a flower thing.

orange nail art flowers

I don't think I'll ever stop loving little flowery branches like this, but I'm not sure how successful this colour combination is--I don't know if the orange acrylic paints bled, or maybe they're just not the right shades to go with the pale, minty teal...or maybe I'm just going cross-eyed from trying to schedule a month of posts at once and need to relax about it. Relax and possibly even get some sleep. Oh my gosh, I remember sleep...

orange floral nail art

Is it weird that I tried to mix the brown of the branches on the purple side so they'd kinda match the bottle cap? I know it's weird that I can't think of more to say about these, given how much I love little blossom-y flowers like these--and over a minty teal like SpaRitual Delight, I should be swooning like mad! Unfortunately, I think full-on panic has set in over my impending travel schedule, causing a sort of white noise feedback loop in my head that's not gonna go away until my bags are safely packed.

Next on my to-do list: pack some bags! And think about some sleep.


  1. These are some gorgeous orange blossoms nails! Just love the colors you used here, its so fresh.

  2. Really loving the teal and orange color combination!

  3. The different shade of orange looks great on the mint green. Fantastic design!

  4. I love how these turned out! I think you managed to match the colours just fine. They look easy on the eyes.
    Have a safe travel and a great weekend! <3

  5. Beautiful and fresh, I love your orange blossoms :-)


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