21 July 2014

OPI This Gown Needs a Crown

From the 2013 Miss Universe Collection, this is OPI This Gown Needs a Crown...

OPI This Gown Needs a Crown swatch

A couple of weeks ago, because someone referred to this polish as the greatest silver ever and because I'm exactly that hard to manipulate, I shouted, "I'll be the judge of that!" and marched out to buy a bottle. (It's all part of that same "You're not the boss of me!" instinct that makes me physically itch to barge through any door marked No Entry. Sadly, Husband has yet to master the art of using this trait to his advantage without giving the game away, thus planting me on the "You can't make me!" side of whatever he's trying to accomplish. Crap, where was I? Right, the nail polish!)

OPI This Gown Needs a Crown is a beautiful silver foil that dries to suede, matte finish. Or if you prefer, satin (since that's what it says on the bottle cap). And by foil, I'm not only referring to its classification--I also mean that it literally looks like you've covered your nails with delicate, silver foil paper.


The surface doesn't reflect like a mirror-chrome; instead, the fine particles give off a glow that's soft and diffused. Just two coats of this great formula will be perfect for most, for daily wear. I hit mine with three for the camera and then basically sat back and breathed in the awesome.

OPI This Gown Needs a Crown swatch

OPI This Gown Needs a Grown's finish is so gorgeously suede that I didn't even think about top coating until I was finishing off some comparison pics (oops, spoiler alert! comparison post on the way...) and then OHSWEETMERFICUL, I 'bout fell out of my seat. On a scale of 1-10, the sparkle was insane. I will absolutely be wearing this polish again in the ludicrously near future.

Is it the greatest silver of all time? I'm not quite prepared to commit to as bold a statement as that, but as pathologically contrary as I am, I'm perfectly content to let that claim stand unchallenged. This is a damn fine silver polish.


  1. great swatch! I love this polish :)

  2. What a pretty silver! I like it so much.

  3. I'm still kicking my own ass for not getting this when it was out :(

  4. Wow!! Just WOW! Popped right over to Amazon and plopped this beauty in my cart. Thank you! I've been thinking I need another silver (not chrome) and this just fit the bill. Can't wait to see the comparison! (PS- LMAO on the digression about "You're not the boss of me." Still chuckling, as a matter of fact.)

  5. This polish is absolutely gorgeous!! :O

  6. Beutiful silver, I love the finish :-)

  7. Omg, this color is AMAZING! Totally on my to-buy list :)



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