13 July 2014

Neon Zebra Nail Art

As soon as I spied Amber's awesome rainbow zebra design, these nails went straight to the top of my to-do list, where they've been making faces and tapping their toes at me ever since. Amber clearly possesses gallons more patience and a steadier hand than mine, though, to be able to stripe up her rainbows so nice and neatly. Me, I just went nuts with a sponge and a few of my favourite neons.

neon zebra stripe nail art

I started these with two coats of OPI Put a Coat On base, then sponged on some neons in Milani Awesome Orange, Milani Pink Rocks!, Milani Totally 80's, Milani Fresh Teal, China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard, and Sation Shock Me Twice Pink. The stripes are my trusty Orly Crisp White striper, to which, as long as I've been using it, I only just this time had to finally add a few drops of thinner. (Seriously, if you're trying to pick a good striper polish, consider this a plug for the Orly.)

neon zebra nail art

How much do I love these?! Lots. I love them lots. And I'm having a 90s flashback, with visions of Lisa Frank notebooks dancing in my head...Ooh, and I'm currently waiting, all kinds of fangirl crazy, for the new Sailor Moon series to start, so yeah, it's back to the 90s all up in here today! I should celebrate by putting on some Pearl Jam and hitting that new Starbucks downstairs. Possibly spend some time gettin' jiggy with it before I bounce.

Omigosh, I just realized that while I'm doing nails early before I leave town...by the time this post goes up, Sailor Moon Crystal should have finally begun! *fangirl swoon of rapture and glee*


  1. Love the fun neon background to the zebra stripes!

  2. It's cool, simple and very pretty!

  3. Super fun! Really want to try this!

  4. The colors are gorgeous and the hole mani came out great!

  5. I really like how this turned out! I always do black stripes, but it looks awesome in white!


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