11 July 2014

Green Apple Blossoms

After the first three Sweet Treats got nail art on top I figured it was kind of a thing now, so I started thinking about what might work with Barielle Green Apple Chew. I know that flowers are pretty much always my first thought when it comes to nail art, but then I thought, hmm, green apple...apple blossoms? Sure, that sounds like a thing too--let's try that!

apple blossom floral nail art

I didn't actually know what apple blossoms specifically look like, though, so I had to Google them, and I just have this very serious question: How the frilly hell did I manage to spend this much time on the same planet as apple blossoms and now know how ridiculously pretty they are?! I mean, mine look okay, I tried my best, but the real thing is just...

Seriously, nature. Well done, you. If I were a bee I would be ALL OVER that action. My painting skills are nowhere near that kind of delicate detail, but I loved the idea of the bright pink highlights against the turbo-green of Green Apple Chew.

apple blossom nail art flowers

Thanking goodness that I went ahead and took these pics soon after top coating because after a few hours I noticed that despite having a previous layer of top coat between polish and paint, the lime green still bled through some of the white...which always happens, but I always seem to forget, for some reason, that it's going to. I did get to wear these out and enjoy them for a while before that happened, though, so I went ahead and moved on to my next manicure without an excessive amount of profanity.

I mean, there was profanity, most definitely. But the amount of it was appropriate. (^_^)


  1. Your flowers turned out amazing! It looks really realistic :)

  2. Amazing manicure, beautiful blossoms! :-)

  3. I like your apple blossoms a lot - well done!

  4. Perfectly accurate or not, if I were a bee I'd be all over those nails. ;)

  5. Tutorial! Tutorial! Tutorial? Please?

  6. Oh those are just amazing! You are so talented!

  7. wow Elizabeth, this is such a perfection of a manicure <3

  8. This looks amazing! I'd wish my free hand skills were as good as yours - wow! :)

  9. Gorgeous! These came out great :)


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