17 July 2014

Barielle Lilac Jelly Bean

Barielle Lilac Jelly Bean is the last of the five-piece spring 2013 Sweet Treats collection that I was so psyched to find discounted at Bonjour. I've been trying them in totally random order, but I think I really did end up saving the best for last...

Barielle Lilac Jelly Bean swatch

I love the pinch of dust in this macaron-pretty lilac shade! Of all the Sweet Treats, this is the dessert-iest of the bunch--and happily, the formula was easy to work with too. It applied smoothly, with great pigmentation; for people with steadier hands and/or fewer compulsions, this is an easy two-coater polish.

If lavenders like OPI Planks a Lot or Essie Bangle Jangle feature anywhere among your likes or wants, I definitely recommend keeping an eye out for Barielle Lilac Jelly Bean!


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