10 July 2014

Barielle Green Apple Chew

Nearing the last of the five-piece Sweet Treats set from last spring, this is Barielle Green Apple Chew...

Barielle Green Apple Chew swatch

I thought my new lamp and I were bickering about colour adjustments before, but that was all just pillow talk. In the face of the bright, nearly but not quite neon and so yellow but still firmly green and "Just what kind of a dessert is this supposed to be?!" intensity of Barielle Green Apple Chew, my lamps, my camera, Photoshop, and I could only offer our best suggestions and let Jesus take the wheel.

The formula was essentially opaque in 2 coats, but I did my reflexive three for the camera, as well as to address a little bit of streaking. I'd have been shocked if there hadn't been some streaking, though, for a polish with this much yellow.

If you like searing lemon-limes like OPI Did It On 'Em, you'll probably love this. It's definitely more Acid Pop than Apple Chew, but companies will insist on naming their own products without consulting me. I wish I could have captured the full complexity of it, though, because while it's all kinds of uglyawesome bright, there's a hint of dust in there too that's really intriguing.

When I showed these to Husband, he asked me if they were puce...which I made the horrible mistake of googling because it brought up a jillion pictures of enormously disgusting bugs. Srsly, just ew. It also showed me that puce is a sort of mauvey colour, while this shade of green was specifically cited as the colour that puce is not. So I guess that answers that. This nail polish is exactly not puce.


  1. That's an interesting green/yellow shade. Its one of those funky ugly colors to me.

  2. I used to call this puce as well...until I made the same mistake you did. However, I have since discovered the word for this color is "chartreuse," which, for some reason, interchanges in my brain with "puce."


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