03 July 2014

Baby Steps in Stamping

I miss my long nails like crazy, but they've definitely grown since I took these pics a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately tradition dictates that they're about to shatter into a jillion pieces again, since I'll be traveling in just a couple of days. However! When they're short like this, I get really into dark, smexy shades. Plus the patterns on my Konad plates fit nice and comfortably, which means it's stamping time!

Konad plate m73

This rich, brown base is the totally-out-of-season-and-look-at-all-the-figs-I-give OPI Warm Me Up from this past year's Holiday Collection. The pattern is from Konad plate m73, and the holo polish I stamped with is one of my precioussss--sorry, precious--Halo Hues, Color Club Angel Kiss.

Despite how much I enjoy it, I haven't stamped much, and I'm still kind of abysmal at it. So, I wanted to go with a basic stamp that--and here's the important part--that doesn't have to be lined up perfectly and won't be painfully obvious about the part where I had to go back and smoosh that little bit that was left over on the stamper that I didn't quite get transferred cleanly onto the side of my nail, but it's close enough, and yeah, I think I like it, and honestly nobody can see that without squinting, and I'm certainly not gonna tell, so shhhhhhhh.

You know, that part.

holographic stamping

Really, though, I keep forgetting how much I enjoy stamping! The only reason I don't do more is my lack of big-enough plate designs, but that's shouldn't be too hard to remedy... Looks like it's time for me to order some MoYou!

Any other recommendations for larger stamping plate images? I'd love to hear 'em!


  1. How big would you like the images to be? The biggest images I have are in my LeaLaC stamping plates which I bought from Llarowe (I think), but the xl-plates by MoYou London are bigger than Konad images too. My current favorites are LilyAnna plates from Messy Mansion. They are expensive, but they are *awesome*. Even the most delicate print images with thin lines stamp flawlessly. Loooove! ♥

    Oh and your nails are beautiful - I can't see anything wrong with the stamping :)

  2. Great job on the stamping! It turned out really good. I like it a lot.

  3. It looks amazing! I cannot get into stamping for the life of me. I'm fine until one of the nails doesn't stamp right and then I take it all off and give up :P

  4. This is gorgeous! I love it a lot.


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