06 June 2014

Zoya Vega

A couple of weeks ago I finally picked up the original Zoya Magical Pixie Dust trio and tried Vega, the pretty, sparkling blue. I could not stop thinking of Cinderella!

Magical Pixie Dust Zoya Vega swatch

Zoya Vega's formula is a little thicker than regular Pixie Dusts, what with the added glitter and all, but it's very workable. The first coat was easy, after which I waited a few minutes to be sure it was dry before moving on. The second coat was also thick but manageable. Basically, given all the texture particles and glitter bits up in there it's going to be chunkier than other polish. But application really only takes the littlest bit more patience, and I say, "Worth it!"

Magical Pixie Dust Zoya Vega swatch

Fortunately and rarely for me, that second coat was nicely opaque for daily wear. I gave it a teeny dab extra here and there for the camera, but two was pretty much good to go. Overall I might prefer the smoother, finer texture of the main Pixie Dust line (I would not even consider putting on stockings after applying these), but I'm full-on smitten with this gorgeous, iridescent sparkle! I mean, honestly...

Zoya Vega mnacro

If you're on the fence about the overall texture trend, the chunkier Magical line probably isn't going to be the texture that wins you over, but the fabulous holo-iridescent-glitter just might. And if you like the Pixie Dusts and OPI Liquid Sand (esp. the Mariah Carey ones, which tend to have more glitter), the gorgeous, opalescent sparkle in the Magical trio should be more than payoff enough for the extra bit of texture. On the other hand, there's always the option of top coating, which suits this pixie beautifully.

Zoya Vega swatch top coated
It's thirsty, of course, so it'll take multiple coats to get a nice, smooth finish, but the results are absolutely stunning. I can't wait to try the others now!


  1. This is the first time I have seen this polish with a clear coat... OMG!! I am dying over here!

    I was not loving the rough look, thus I assume rough feel of the polish. I have a thing about having smooth nails. I always load up my glitters and regular pixie dust with top coat because I need smooth nail.

    Looks so pretty!!!

  2. What a pretty blue texture! Love how chunky and sparkly this is too!

  3. I topped my MagicalPixiieDust in Lux with a coat or 2 of Monet. That was some serious sparkle!

  4. Pretty, sparkly and blue... beautiful! :-)

  5. This is beautiful! It does have a Cinderella look to it! :D


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