09 June 2014

Zoya Normani

The recent Zoya Naturel Collection reminds me of the Naked 3 eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay; it's neutral but with a rosy twist. Now, outside of nail polish, I know squat about makeup and fashion and all that jazz. I know polish, I've heard of the Naked shadows, and that's it. So if I noticed them both doing a thing... maybe this is a huge trend the rest of the world is totally aware of, except for me? I don't know. I just know that I like it. And apparently I'm not the only one because while I had several of the Naturels on my shopping list, I was lucky to bring home Zoya Normani.

Zoya Normani swatch

Zoya describes Normani as a sable mauve. I never, ever seem to agree with companies' product descriptions, but this is pretty much spot on. Normani is that exact, awesome shade of lavender-ish greige that was so huge a little while back (and again, if I noticed it, then it must have been huge), only subtly updated with a hint of warmth to bring it back towards neutral again.

Zoya Normani swatch

Zoya Normani's formula was a teeny bit watery--in texture, not opacity--so it tried to pool just a little bit. But once I adjusted for that it was so, so easy to spread, and it self-leveled like a dream. It was also beautifully opaque in two coats, so I did three. (Seriously, I have a problem.)

I really do love this shade. I mean, I didn't think a neutral could smoulder, but there it is! Between that and the formula, I'm definitely heading back to the store with fingers crossed for more of the Naturels.

Full disclosure, I used Photoshop to iron out a few wrinkles in the polish that were in no way Normani's fault. See, just to mix things up I used a regular top coat, and then I made the foolish mistake of going to bed a mere three hours later. Voila, sheet marks that I couldn't even see with the naked eye, but in macro camera mode... yikes. You can probably still see traces of where the sheet marks were, but I wasn't trying to cheat things all perfect because too-perfect swatches make me really sad. The point is the show off the polish, not the wonders of Photoshop. (>_<)


  1. That's a great neutral shade. Perfect for everyday wear too.

  2. It is not quite my favorite color but combined with a stamping pattern or other brighter colors would made this one a very attractive shade :)

  3. I love this kind of dusty colour :-)

  4. I love this shade! lol it's ok. Photoshop helps make the polish look its best! :D


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