02 June 2014

Wayback Nails: Tweed for Giles

After just barely getting May's Waybacks in before the deadline, it feels downright bizarre to have this month's already queued up to go, but my friend Mabel and I had another Buffy night on Friday, which seemed like the perfect time to give last year's tweed nail art for Giles another try.

tweed nail art

Like last time, the base for my tweed nails was OPI San Tan-tonio, and the stitch lines are acrylic paint. Unlike last year I think I did a much better job with colour choice and mixing shades and depth and size and...yeah, basically just a better job. Smaller stitches and the addition of a couple of lighter shades were probably the two little tweaks that made the biggest difference.

tweed nail art

After a quick top coating, I reallyreally wanted to go back and matte these, since they're supposed to mimic a fabric and all, but Husband voiced a strong preference for shiny. While he isn't the boss of me (that job still belongs to my Gam), it's rare enough for him to volunteer an opinion on matters of nail polish that I went ahead and let him make the call. And also because he's such a good sport about my ongoing love affair with Rupert Giles.


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