04 June 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Favourite Indie

Gah, so hard to choose just one favourite indie nail polish brand! I mean, Shimmer Polish does such consistently fabulous glitter mixes, and there's the eye-catching brilliance of KB Shimmer...and does a England count as an indie because phwoar!... But in the end I had to stand by the indie I've been fangirling since the moment I first laid eyes on it, and that's CrowsToes.

Very unfortunately today was full of grown-up stuff that prevented me swatching a CrowsToes that I've really been looking forward to wearing, but I'm always happy to take a stroll through my previous CrowsToes loves (which include purchases, gifts, and samples sent). Coming in pretty much at the top of that list is one of my favourite nail polishes--no, favourite things of all time--CrowsToes My Favorite Amazon. I'm a Wonder Woman fan from way back, and this colourful, sparkling glitter polish is an entire world of perfect. (swatched over MAC Spirit of Truth, because how could I possibly not?)

CrowsToes My Favorite Amazon swatch

Also from the One Mad Crazy Summer Collection is Boat Drinks, featuring a gorgeously creative combination of lavender and chartreuse circle glitters. Circle glitters, in lavender and chartreuse! (swatch over Zoya Gemma)

CrowsToes Boat Drinks swatch

I'm eternally crushing on Lauri's amazing glitters, but another reason I'm such a fan is her range. She also does stellar shimmers and duos and holos, and just about any finish you can name, she's done it. Like One Trick Pony, which was fabulous enough as a holo but then had to go and be a shimmer and a duo as well.

CrowsToes One Trick Pony swatch

Or Tequila Sunrise, whose golden-yellow shimmer is a stunning contrast to the bright pink base.

CrowsToes Tequila Sunrise swatch

And possibly my favourite yogurt-style polish ever, Milquetoast, which features gold and copper glitter suspended in a milky, crelly white.

CrowsToes Milquetoast swatch

There are so many more swatches I'd also love to feature again--glitters like Frogs' Breath, Maxxed Out, and Her Goose Got Cooked, or the flat-out brilliance of Season of the Witch (I mean, that shift! and those flakies!), but if I don't stop now this post is going to be eighteen pages long.

CrowsToes can be purchased through Llarowe. For more on CrowsToes, including other retailers around the world, visit The Polished Crow. And for more on my fellow Twinsies' favourite indies, please swing by some of the blogs below!

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  1. The first and the last polish are unbelievably amazing!

  2. Nice indie brand favorite. They do have some amazing polishes that you showed here.

  3. Gorgeous swatches and great pick too! I only have one CrowsToes polish which is Boat Drinks but I've been wanting My Favorite Amazon ever since first seeing your swatch of it. They are all super pretty though.

  4. I tried my first Crows Toes polishes when the 9 Realms collection came out and I had no idea why I hadn't tried them sooner!

  5. Tequila Sunrise is gorgeous! I've never tried this brand.

  6. Awesome brand pick! Their polishes always look amazing!

  7. OMG, what shall I choose, I love them all, but my absolute favorite is Milquetoast!

  8. Awesome choice! I've never tried this brand but I would love to! These are all absolutely gorgeous!!

  9. CrowsToes is going on my list of indies to try! Amazing pictures!


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