08 June 2014

The Hungry Asian Cookies & Cream

The Hungry Asian Cookies & Cream was one of the very first indies I ever ordered, and I'm downright flabbergasted that it's taken me so long to rescue it from the Big Box o' Untrieds. Flabbergasted, I say!

The Hungry Asian Cookies & Cream swatch

Cookies & Cream is a sheer, milky polish which Kae recommends layering. I'm wearing 3 coats here over a very thin coat of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, a favourite off-white polish that I just might have mentioned a time or seventy.

This polish really does remind me perfectly of those itty bitty speckles you get in a spoonful of melty cookies & cream ice cream (though maybe the spoonful isn't strictly required to be melty...I always wait for my ice cream to melt a bit, though, for a more favourable creaminess-to-brain-freeze ratio, and I can't even imagine how riveting you must find this awesome tangent). Lookit, cookies & cream! Adorable!

The Hungry Asian Cookies & Cream swatch

 Cookies & Cream and other The Hungry Asian polishes are available at Kae's Etsy shop.


  1. Love it! One of the fave flavors around my house and my son's all time favorite.

  2. Funnily enough, this was the first indie I ever considered buying, going for a LynBDesigns one after. This reminds me that I've wanted to take another look at her shop for a while now!


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