16 June 2014

Red Roses and Cookies and Cream

About a week ago I rescued The Hungry Asian Cookies & Cream from the Big Box o' Untrieds at long last, and not surprisingly, I loved it. So like I often do, rather than take it off in the morning I kept it on and embellished with some rose nail art.

red rose nail art

Oh my gosh, I loved this combination! I also loved that they totally reminded me of Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon 4 EVA, y'all!). Red roses on white nails are always a great look, but the little, black speckles in Cookies & Cream added a nice, subtle depth and dimension.

red rose nail art

These were acrylic paints as usual, done much the same way I've done a lot of my flower nail art lately, outlined bold and dark. I also tried adding some highlighting on the petals, and I liked how that came out. Thank you, acrylic paints, for being SO much easier to work with than nail polish!

red rose nail art

Not much more I can spin out the fascinating story of adding red roses to this pretty polish, and now I've got Sailor Moon on the brain again. ("Gomen ne sunao ja nakute...") Gah, I can not wait for the new series to start... Fangirl mode: ACTIVATE!

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Ye Tuxedo Mask! Haha this design is beautiful. I'm loving the base shade!

  2. Love the roses you did here! So pretty.

  3. It's the perfect base for pretty roses like these :)


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