14 June 2014

Put Some Glitter On It

So yesterday I wore Barielle Orange Parfait, which I thought was more pumpkin/salmon than orange-type dessert, and while it was a nice enough colour, it didn't do much for me. Still, I decided not to give up on it yet. My original plan was to brush it with something gold (like, maybe China Glaze Golden Enchantment or the Sasatinnie glitter/foil I used for these Chinese New Year nails) and then paint some peachy flowers on top, but then I opened the drawer and happened to catch sight of OPI The Living Daylights.

Barielle Orange Parfait with OPI The Living Daylights

I thought the copper in The Living Daylights would be a nice match for Orange Parfait, and I was not wrong! I think they go very well together, and I love the contrast of the teal. This is one coat, half-brushed and half-dabbed, and I don't know if it's the different base colour this time, but I can clearly see that it has silver and gold to go with the copper and the teal.

Barielle Orange Parfait with OPI The Living Daylights

I also layered a couple coats of...whatever this The Face Shop jelly I used is called, because I can't see the white-on-clear label very well...on top (it has a pink grapefruit tint to it, but it's still quite sheer). I thought I might matte the whole sandwich next, but I liked that little bit of shiny squishiness the jelly gave it. In fact, I was very happy with how things turned out. I don't know how much tint or colour change there is, or if it's just dressed up with a little sparkle and juice, but I like Orange Parfait much better on me today.


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