30 June 2014

Denim Nail Art

Since Barielle Blue Cotton Candy reminded me of denim, when I went to add some nail art, that's exactly what I decided to see if I could turn it into, and... Well, for not having any real idea what I was doing, I'd say the results weren't too shabby!

denim nail art

The basic plan was to suggest that woven cotton texture, something I knew I wouldn't be able to paint individual lines straight or fine enough to manage, so I decided to let the fan brush have a crack at it. First in a darker blue (Sally Hansen CSM Jungle Gem), then in slightly lighter (Revlon Colorstay Blue Slate), I swept across and down, not really worrying about lining anything up perfectly, just hoping to wind up with something vaguely crosshatch-looking. Then I grabbed a white nail art striper (Orly Crisp White) and added some double-stitching and a "back pocket" for an accent nail. Simple!

denim nail art

To top it all off, I couldn't decide whether to go glossy or matte, so I didn't. In an attempt to underscore the whole "attempted denim" texture I was aiming for, once an initial coat of INM Out the Door was nice and dry, I dabbed and sponged both matte and glossy on top. The result was subtle, but I think it helped!

All in all, some relatively simple nail art, but I like how it turned out. If I can manage it before I head out of town next week, I may try to recreate it for a tutorial.


  1. Those are some nice denim inspired nails! I like how it turned out too.

  2. Nice idea, I like the final effect! :-)

  3. The denim effect came out nicely, this is a very neat looking mani!

  4. love it, i would definitely wear your denim :D


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