01 June 2014

Castledew Yogurt WhatWhat

When I first moved to Hong Kong I was pretty frustrated that the beauty supply stores carried such an unpredictable stock of nail polish by brands I'd never heard of. Since I found Cher 2, however, I've come to enjoy those trips to Bonjour, Sasa, and Colourmix to see if something in those mystery, discount bins will catch my eye.

On my latest stop at Bonjour, I came across a bottle of cute-and-cheap that I couldn't wait to get home and onto my nails. I'd never heard of Castledew before, but for about $2 US, I was eager to give this Korean, indie-looking, yogurt-style polish a try.

Castledew yogurt glitter polish

It's possible this shade is 9707, but there's so much extra print crammed onto the bottom of my bottle that I can't be totally sure. Apparently I need to hire someone younger less well-endowed in life experience to come to my flat and read labels to me because my eyeballs are lying down on the job. But anyway!

At the first stroke I knew this polish would need way too many coats to reach opacity, so I layered it over a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Even then, it still took a good 3 1/2 coats to match the bottle's glitter density, so...not a whole lot of bang for your buck. On the other hand, it was only two bucks to begin with, and the result is still really cute.

Castledew glitter nail polish

I definitely love the rainbow glitter mixture, as well as the combination of shapes and sizes. On its own, it's probably not meant to be especially dense or opaque, and as such I wouldn't recommend it as a good stand-in for indies like Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker or KBShimmer Oh, Splat!. But layered (or maybe even with some white added, which is what I'm thinking of doing), it's a soft, cheerful, nicely milky rainbow of glittery cuteness.


  1. $2... not bad! It reminds me of a few of KBShimmers (which are not $2)!!

  2. Pretty polish! I love the glitter confetti on white effect.

  3. LOL what a fun name :)
    Even if I'm not really a glitter person, I like whites with glitters...

  4. What a fun polish! Such a party! hehe


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