14 June 2014

Barielle Orange Parfait

I've started to make a habit of peeking into Bonjour every now and then because you never know when they're going to have a new...well, new to them...set of Barielles on deep discount. Case in point, like the Dazzling Diamonds collection I grabbed a while back, I recently picked up last spring's 5-piece Sweet Treats collection for about $12 US, and I decided to break it in with Orange Parfait.

Barielle Orange Parfait swatch

I ended up doing three coats of Barielle Orange Parfait, two after adding some thinner, in an effort to get it all nice and even. While it was nicely opaque it was also kinda...globby? It just did not want to self-level, and I ended up goosing the 3rd coat by rushing a thick layer of SV. I did have a quick look around online, though, and this doesn't seem to be the majority experience, so your mileage may well vary.

Barielle Orange Parfait swatch

Formula hurdle aside, I don't think this is the right shade of orange/peach for me. It's a little murkier than I'd have expected from an Orange Parfait; I think it's actually more pumpkin/salmon than orange. I have a strong suspicion that on someone with a bit darker skin than mine, this just might look amazing, but I'm not really in love. There's nothing wrong with it; it's just kind of there, looking slightly dated against my skin tone. Still, it came at a good price, and I'm going to see if I can make it work for me, maybe add some artwork or a little bit of glitter. Wish me luck!


  1. Great swatch and review on it! Agree, it does kind of have some murkyness to it or some brown tones to it.

  2. It's too bad it wouldn't self level, but it's a pretty orange, and I agree, it's more of a pumpkin shade...


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