29 June 2014

Barielle Blue Cotton Candy

Rolling on through last spring's Barielle Sweet Treats Collection (...with a quick layover to handle some nail breakage...), this is the lone shimmer in the bunch, Barielle Blue Cotton Candy.

Barielle Blue Cotton Candy swatch

The name "Blue Cotton Candy" fits with the collection's sweets motif of the collection, but I don't see cotton candy. I see denim...which is blue cotton...so is it a pun? If so, just...dag. But completely aside from how confused I am by the name, I quite like this polish! It's a pretty blue, nice and dusty with a slight teal lean, just enough to give it some ocean-y depth in bright light. In dimmer light it embraces the lean, exploring those greenish, teal undertones. And in either light, the shimmer is fantastic!

Barielle Blue Cotton Candy swatch

Apart from my love of the shade and the shimmer...sweet, merciful goodness, this brush was the worst mess I have ever pulled out of a bottle of polish. I had to gank out, like, a dozen bristles and trim a few others before it was even useable. There was a little bit of thickness to the polish, but it actually spread the best of the three "sweet treats" I've tried so far--really surprisingly well, given the state of the brush, and until I have another problem with one of Barielle's brushes, I'm going to write off that detail as an isolated fluke.

Barielle Blue Cotton Candy is definitely my favourite of the Sweet Treats so far; even with my broken nails, I was peeking down at them and smiling all day.


  1. What a nice blue color! I like the shimmer to it and how wearable it looks too.

  2. Beautiful shade! I think that this is one of those colors that will work no matter what season we're in.


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