06 May 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Nail Appliques

Hi!! I'm back home again after over a month away, and my nails are all busted up because of course they broke. It happens every single time I'm on the road for more than just a weekend away. Every. Single. Time. I actually thought for a minute I'd get away with it this once (foolish mortal!) because while the other nails were going to hell in a handbasket my photo fingers were hanging in there...until 2 days before it was time to come home, at which point middle and ring both broke right down to the quick. I do not have the words for the kinds of words I'd have been shouting if I hadn't been sitting right next to my grandmother when it happened (Hi, Gam! ^_^), but at this point it's a tradition I'm powerless to avoid. It's just part of the price of getting out of town--and since the trip was about spending some overdue time with my grandparents and being there to celebrate their 70th anniversary? Totally, totally worth it. But I'm still gonna whinge and moan because that's what I do.

Anyway! I bought the cutest nail appliques in the States for just this theme, but my nails are waaay too short for them now--I'd only have gotten, like, half a flower on each finger, and I have literally no free edge over which to pull/file them either. It just seemed like such a waste to use them up, knowing they'd look terrible. So I'm cheating just a little bit, but I'm hoping my fellow Twinsies will grant me a little leeway and some partial credit... Instead of appliques I went with temporary tattoos!

temporary tattoo nail art

The base for these is a Lala Rus Noblesse, which is the same thing as Dear Rus Noblesse, but maybe not. It's basically the same brand, and I have no idea at all what the difference is. I just know they're very closely related Korean polishes produced by Sur, Inc., and that's as far as my Google-fu got me. This bottle has elbe.com printed on the label, but that URL forwards to a website about local tourism in Germany. So...yeah. No help there.

I can only guess that the name/number of this grey is 309. It's soft and pretty, and it's nicely opaque in three coats without any pulling, which is always nice to be able to say about a pastel-type polish. It was just a touch thin and ran a little down the brush like it wanted to pool, but it was easy enough to get under control. In the bottle it looks a LOT like Zoya Dove, but it dries just a little lighter. All in all, it's a nice grey. Nothing earth-shattering, but add in the fact that it only cost me about US$2.45 here in Hong Kong, and I'm officially in the market for a whole lot more Lala Rus/Dear Rus Noblesse.

Zoya Dove vs Lala Rus Noblesse 309

Anyway, the nail art! Right! I used a cheap temporary tattoo sheet that I picked up for under a dollar at a neighbourhood Bonjour (coincidentally, the same chain that carries the Noblesse polishes), cutting the design into nibblet-nail-sized pieces, reading the welcome English instructions on the back, and then finding this great tutorial to get me past that last little "Eek, it's a new thing and I'm scared!" hump...which I needn't have stressed because it's awesomely easy, and I can't wait to use this technique again sometime!

temporary tattoo nail art

I was so nervously hoping I would like these, but omigosh, I love them. I'd originally intended to add a few wisps of acrylic paint to the flowers to add just a little more springtime prettiness, but the whole monochrome of the sketchy, black lines on grey is really working for me, especially in matte. I'm still gnashing and wailing over the broken nails, but I plan to spend the next couple of days thoroughly digging this look.

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  1. I love your short nails! they look amazing on you (especially with that manicure)

  2. Welcome back! And don't worry, I'm sure your nails will grow in soon!

  3. Your nails look fabulous at ALL lengths :) love the flowers and love that you chose grey as the base!

  4. I can understand your frustration, but I think that also short nails can look beautiful and I love this manicure! :-)

  5. I love how you used the tattoos, and short nails are great!

  6. Love everything about this mani!!!!

  7. If my memory serves... your nails will be long in about four days!! Maybe not that fast, but my nails do the same thing - if I go away for more than a few days they have some sort of melt down.

    Amazing that your grandparents were celebrating their 70th anniversary!!

    Welcome home - short nails and all!

  8. This looks wonderful! I think your short nails look so cute!


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