20 May 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Composite Mani

This week's TT theme is an open one, a week for us to revisit a past theme we especially enjoyed or maybe catch up on one we might have missed. Fortunately I haven't had to miss very many weeks, but I decided to take this opportunity to "officially" make up the combination manicure I missed last August when I was on the road. Here goes!

composite manicure with opi liquid sand

For my composite manicure (aka combo, mish-mash, skittle, etc.) I picked Bandi Jade Blue for my highlight colour. It's a bright shade that flirts with minty territory, and I thought it'd be a good contrast for the greyscale elements I chose to go with it. Dotted flowers and OPI It's Frosty Outside, a Liquid Sand from the OPI Mariah Carey 2013 Holiday Collection, and then teeny, white studs over Sinful Colors Black on Black.

composite manicure with flowers

Didn't quite get the flowers looking the way I wanted them to, but at arm's length I reallyreally like this manicure. And now, to see what my fellow Twinsies decided to do for this week's open theme!

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  1. oh the flowers are lovely! That jade blue base is beautiful.

  2. What a cute combination, I love the pop of silver bling!

  3. that blue base is gorgeous! love this combo!

  4. This manicure looks so pretty :)

  5. So sweet Elizabeth. How do I not remember this awesome OPI?! It's the perfect amount of sparkly in your mani :)

  6. I love the colors that you paired together for this look!

  7. Such a pretty combo! The flowers look great to me.

  8. Such a fun combo! I love your flowers :D

  9. Love this color palette, very pretty!

  10. you've made a perfect combination here- both for colours and finishes!

  11. Nice combination of colours and finishes, all "my" colours :-) I love those flowers! :-)

  12. That ring finger...perfection!


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