14 May 2014

Snow Leopard Nail Art

Another manicure from before The Big Break, when I got the urge to do some leopard print nail art. It's been almost a year since I did this pattern last, but it's always so much fun--and leopard print always makes me think of my friend Betty in Mississippi, so Betty, these are for you!

snow leopard print nail art

I wanted to stay monochrome, go greyscale with these, which made my leopard nails into snow leopards, and they actually ended up being some of my favourite nails I've done in a while! The base is two coats of Orly Au Champagne over white, which gave it a great bit of shimmer. The spots are Zoya Dove, just sort of randomly splooged with a dotting tool, and then I used a fine nail art brush to do the Revlon Colorstay Stiletto edges.

snow leopard print nail art

The black did a teeny bit of streaking when I top coated (SV), but it was so minor I didn't even notice it until the close-up pics--and I spent a fair amount of time looking at these nails! These are far from the most fabulous leopard nails I've seen, but I was just so happy with how they came out, a big part of which I think was doing a better job with the little, intermittent dots of black. They really broke up the white spaces and made the pattern look more natural. And also, with the monochrome, less "cow."

See, now I can't wait for my nails to grow out a little more, so I can try another leopard print pattern!


  1. Orly Au Champagne gives a beautiful base effect and I love this leopard print! :-)

  2. These look so pretty and perfect, I'm used to seeing bright leopard print nails, so these were nice to see for a change :) x

  3. Nice twist on a leopard mani, love it! I'm storing this in my brain for later use lol

  4. HOLY MANICURE BATMAN! That is my favorite leopard mani EVER! I love the shimmer! I would have never thought to use a shimmer base, I always reach for those cremes when I am doing leopard prints.

    I may need to add this shimmer to my 'must be acquired' list.

    Really super manicure!

  5. Your leopard print is on point! Gorgeous!


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