05 May 2014

Shimmer Polish Eva

I have been taking such an inexcusably long time reviewing the gorgeous polishes I was sent by Shimmer Polish, but I've enjoyed each one so much that I've kinda been savouring them instead of just lining them up and knocking them down, you know? Today's is no different--except that among the Shimmers I've tried so far, it's pretty different! Richly red, this is Shimmer Polish Eva.

Shimmer Polish Eva swatch

Shimmer Polish Eva is a burgundy-berry, red jelly polish with red glitter and sparkling silver mini-glitter. It makes me think of a sexy, raspberry jam (that's a thing, right? sexy jam?). The formula builds to opacity on its own (I'm wearing 3 coats here), but I've also seen it look smash over a deep, red polish.

Shimmer Polish Eva swatch

My camera chose to focus more on the smooth jelly than the bright, glitter sparkles, but that's sort of the fun of Eva, really--these two textures come together to make a more subtly glamorous glitter polish, one that still gives you a ton of glimmer and gleam while sitting all mature and refined-like in its rich, red base. It's a beauty!

Shimmer Polish can be purchased via its own website, Etsy, Dazzled, and other online retailers.


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