01 May 2014

Secret Stefani Sandwich

Today I sing the song of a manicure with more fabulousness than my camera could capture, a jelly sandwich of OPI In Stefani Fashion and Essie Secret Story...

OPI In Stefani Fashion jelly sandwich

I wish so badly that I could really show off how glam-tastic this combination was! As you may see from the bottle shot, the glitter in OPI In Stefani Fashion is just crazy levels of sparkle, and it was like all that wonderful, awesome fire and holographic reflectivity combined with the bright pink jelly to mutate into some kind of electric flakie particles that freaking danced, even in plain old room lighting. My camera, however, latched onto Secret Story's blue highlights and refused to budge. Seriously, though. It was WOW.

Essie Secret Story jelly sandwich

Essie Secret Story came out of the Big Box o' Untrieds to do an awesome job in the sandwich. It's such a fabulous pink! As for OPI In Stefani Fashion...did I really need another silver glitter topper? No. No, I did not. But this one has squares! Rationalization accepted.

Super glad I talked myself into it because the sparkle is just ridiculous. Absolutely dazzling. If you are on the fence about it, please to let me give you a push. OPI's glitter formulas can be a little hit or miss from time to time, but they nailed this one. I mean, that's just one coat, applied normally, and the density and spread are totally spot-on. I can't wait to wear this one again!


  1. That is beautiful Elizabeth! I love that glitter topper. It was such a blah collection for me but Stefani had a few really nice shades in there.

  2. That's probably the prettiest jelly sandwich I've seen so far! :)

  3. Yes yes yes! This is amazing!!


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