16 May 2014

Pure Ice Private Show

I have all these pretty, new springtime colours I'd meant to be wearing right now, but with my nails this short I was in the mood to dip into some of my darker untrieds, such as Pure Ice Private Show. I picked this one up on a whim a few weeks ago when I spotted the display in a local drugstore (so surprised to see Pure Ice here in Hongkers!), not grasping its true fabulousness until I got it home...

Pure Ice Private Show swatch

Before it was Private Show, this dupe for butter LONDON The Black Knight had an LE release as Pure Ice Five-Some. Just like The Black Knight, it's made up of several colours of finely milled glitter in a black, jelly base. There's red, blue, pink, and gold, and even super-finely milled silver for highlights. The overall effect is spectacular, dramatic yet refined, and the sparkle is all kinds of brilliant. *smitten*

Pure Ice Private Show swatch

I applied two coats of Private Show here, over OPI Glitter Off Base Coat (more on that soon!), and was delighted at how opaque it was, even near the edges; the fact that the polish clung a little thickly to the brush was easily bearable in exchange for such good coverage. And even if I need to bump it up to three coats when my nails are grown out again, that's no hardship at all. For a $2 dupe of a $15 polish, I'm very pleased!

(Of course in retrospect I should have tried the original first, but the Big Box o' Untrieds works in mysterious ways, offering up her bounty as she will.)


  1. Wow that's a pretty one! I just love glitter polishes :)

  2. Oooh that is so pretty! It's such a fun way to wear black polish without it being too bland

  3. What an awesome dupe! It looks fabulous!

  4. Gorgeous, it looks really rich! :-)


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