23 May 2014

Pure Ice It's Complicated

Another impulse pick from the drugstore, Pure Ice It's Complicated is rainbow fabulousness in a bottle...

Pure Ice It's Complicated swatch

Pure Ice It's Complicated is a rainbow glitter topper in the same vein as Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday (and Milani Gems, OPI Rainbow Connection, OPI Chasing Rainbows, NOPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie, WnW Party of Five Glitters, Confetti Tasmanian Devil...). This particular mix features hot pink, orange, yellow, green, and silver hexes, with mini-hexes of silver, green, and blue.

I'm wearing about a coat and a half here, brushed normally and then dabbed to fill in a few spots. The black base is probably...I wanna say, Sinful Colours? Yeah, let's go with that.

Pure Ice It's Complicated swatch

I am so happy that I didn't let prudent, rational thinking get in the way of buying yet another rainbow glitter because I absolutely love this one! The colours are especially bright and super pretty, especially against the black.

Seriously, what is Pure Ice--like, $2 US? Between this Private Show a few days ago, that's four bucks really well spent.


  1. This is a fun glitter! It looks fantastic over the black too.

  2. I can understand the impulsiveness of your purchase...that glitter is fabulous! ^^

  3. Oooh what a fabulous mix of glitters this has! Wonderful impulse buy!

  4. I actually saw this in the store the other day and totally meh'ed it -- it being a glitterbomb and all. However, over black, this is luxe. Wow.


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