09 May 2014

Nubar Mystique

Zooming backwards in time to before all my (expletive deleted) nails went and broke, this was me taking Nubar Mystique out for a spin...

Nubar Mystique swatch

Nubar Mystique is a gorgeous, green-leaning teal. Maybe just a touch greener, in fact, than it appears here, but I didn't want to go too Photoshop-crazy. The first coat went on smooth as buttah, which many of the Nubars I've tried seem to do. Mystique was beautifully opaque on the second coat, thanks to its great pigmentation, and it also self-leveled very well. Compulsion made me hit it with a third coat, but it really was aces in just two.

Nubar Mystique swatch

Nubar is one of those brands I keep telling myself I need to try more of. I've been consistently pleased with their formulas, and they really do have some fantastic shades! Note to self: check out what they're been up to this spring...

PS: Nubar Mystique also made a beautiful base for Shimmer Polish Linna.


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