21 May 2014

Cocktails, Coconuts, and White Roses

After spending a day with Essie Cocktails & Coconuts this past week I was liking the neutral but feeling a serious need for embellishment, so I grabbed my acrylic paints and--no surprise--headed straight for some flower nail art...

nail art roses

I've had a thing for greyscale lately, and I loved the way these roses turned out, all white and grey and black against the neutral base. I also used a slightly different technique this time, adding a lot more detail to the petals, and I really think it suited the high-contrast palette.

When I paint lines this eye-squintingly thin (that pinky nail is still just under 1cm long!) it helps immensely to have a couple of cut-down paintbrushes to work with. It's simple enough to cut them yourself, but if you aren't familiar, Robin Moses runs through the how-to at the start of this video.

white rose nail art

I'm not really sure what else to say about these because I'm kinda tongue-tied and smitten. Definitely going to use this technique again, as well as the colour scheme. Soothing and neutral, yet dynamic and fun. I hated to take these off!


  1. These flowers are amazing Elizabeth!

  2. wow, this looks absolutely amazing *.*

  3. Okay - your freehand art is amazing! I do not think I could draw roses this well with paper and pen let alone on my freakin' nail! You are really talented.

  4. I *LOVE* these!!! Seriously, the sketchy, flow-y feel of these is perfection!

  5. Amazing! :-) I love these flowers! :-)


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