10 April 2014

Zoya Dream

From the Holiday 2013 Zenith Collection, this is the incredible Zoya Dream...

Zoya Dream swatch

Zoya Dream is a brilliant, sapphire blue polish infused with scattered holographic particles...which may or may not be the same thing as the glassfleck-looking shimmer particles that are in there... All's I know is it's an intensely beautiful blue that's chock full of wizardry.

The first coat was a bit patchy and rubbery, not really up to Zoya's usual butter-smooth application, but the second coat was bliss. Can't swear I didn't give it a third, though, because that's how my compulsion rolls.

Zoya Dream swatch

Zoya Dream is so 3-D you could practically fall into it. I didn't get a ton of rainbow from the scattered holographic particles, but even as "just" a shimmer it's all kinds of glassflecked gorgeousness, showing off Dream's beautiful depth and texture and yeesh, it's just so pretty!!


  1. Such a beautiful polish. I have a few from Zoya like this and they are so pretty! Mine definitely need 3 coats though :/

  2. Love this color! Definitely on my wishlist!

  3. wow, this is really an awesome dream *.*

  4. This polish is absolutely gorgeous! :D


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