27 April 2014

Wayback Nails: Matte Roses on Human Nature

This month's...okay next month's, but I'm scheduling so far ahead at this point and it's still March right now...where was I? Oh, right, April's Wayback Nails are a visit to some of my favourite flowers I think I've ever done...and I've definitely done a bunch of flowers! These were red roses with green, leafy swirls over my very favourite beige, topped off with butter LONDON matte. And now for this month's revisit, in which I barely changed a thing...

rose nail art

As you can see, the beige is Deborah Lippmann; it's Human Nature from one of the True Blood sets, and I so wish I could buy about a dozen bottles of it to keep on standby at all times. It's deceptively simple and just a fantastic nude for me.

matte floral nails

Right, and then there's the acrylic paint flowers and stuff! I'm so excited about how the swirling stems came out this time--it's such an improvement over the original ones, and I really think it adds a lot.

nail art roses

I also think the matte top coat lends itself especially well to this design. There are some manicures I never seem to get tired of seeing or doing, one of which is cherry blossoms over a soft, pretty teal. Well these matte roses are definitely joining those ranks--and that is some great company to be in.


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